Treatment & Services at XDS, Gurgaon
   Xpertz Dental Solutions offering Following Dental Treatments and Services.

Esthetic dentistry:-
Esthetic DENTISTRY refers to a host of dental treatments designed to enhance the smile and correct chipped, cracked, discoloured and unevenly spaced teeth. From porcelain veneers to tooth-colored fillings, patients can choose from a variety of cosmetic dentistry solutions to restore the health and vitality of their smile. SMILE ANALYSIS - As opposed to other plastic surgeries, dental temporization can give the patient a chance to preview their new smile, live with it for a while, show it to their family and friends and alter it as necessary.


Dental implants:-
Titanium implants serve as the artificial root in the jaw to support crowns and dentures. When teeth are missing in the jaw, fixed artificial teeth can be provided by inserting titanium implants which serve as the root or foundation for the teeth. These implants provide a very stable support to help restore function and appearance. The implants are placed in the clinic under local anaesthesia and after a period of healing the artificial teeth are fabricated. Implants are used in combinations with bridges, dentures or crowns to replace any number of missing teeth.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation:-
When there are several problems in a single case, a team of specialists work together to restore the function and appearance of the teeth. This full mouth rehabilitation is highly successful with our careful planning and treatment sequencing. The cosmetic dentist works along with the periodontists, orthodontists and maxillofacial surgeon to provide a stunning SMILE MAKEOVER.

Best In Class Tooth Coloured Fillings:-
Tooth coloured fillings or cosmetic restorations are fast gaining popularity over their silver counterparts. Cosmetic (tooth coloured) fillings, on the other hand are not only more aesthetic but they also require less amount of tooth cutting. Also, since they bond to the tooth structure, chances of secondary decays are reduced to a great extent. Being available in a variety of shades the tooth coloured restorations blend in beautifully with the adjacent tooth structure, looking absolutely natural.

Orthodontics :-
Orthodontics refers to the use of wires to align crooked or crowded teeth and to close gaps between teeth. Though Orthodontics can be started at any age, it is strongly advised to bring your child for a checkup anytime after 6 years of age, since many adult dental problems can be avoided by early orthodontics. Adults can also have their teeth straightened as orthodontics is not limited to children. Newer types of braces allow the placement of wires behind the teeth called LINGUAL ORTHODONTICS.

Crowns & Bridges :-
Crowns are used to cover teeth that are weakened by decay, severely damaged, chipped or discolored. They are also usually required after Root Canal Therapy. The tooth is shaped to support the crown. The crowns can be metal containing or metal-free. Zirconia crowns, popularly known as All Ceramic or Metal-free crowns are sued with Computer Aided Technology for the highest level of precision and accuracy.

Gum Treatment :-
At Xpertz Dental Solutions, we take gum disease very seriously and every patient undergoing a full examination is provided with gum assessment to determine if any gum disease exists.If active gum disease exists, we usually recommend sessions of deep cleaning (Advanced gum treatment) with our Periodontist (Gum Specialist) where all the bacteria is removed from the tooth and root surface under Local Anaesthetic if necessary.We also would assess your daily cleaning methods and recommend any changes that would be necessary in order to make your daily cleaning more effective in removing plaque.

Lumineers Veneers :-
At Xpertz Dental Solutions we provide the very latest Lumineers 2 which is very modern aesthetic Ceramic Veneers that usually need no tooth drilling or very little tooth drilling and need no local anaesthetic injections.Lumineers are custom made by Cerinate Lab in California and simply cemented onto the tooth providing brilliant tooth aesthetics with no pain.

Single Visit Root Canal Treatment :-
When pain arises from a tooth, the tooth may have become infected and require root canal treatment. Tests such as vitality tests, percussion tests and digital X-rays are carried out first to see if a tooth needs root canal treatment. Root canal treatment is usually carried out over 2 visits. During the first visit we remove the infected tooth tissue and stop the toothache and during the second visit we ensure that the root canals are well cleaned and sealed.

Painless Tooth Extractions :-
Sometimes toothache can be so severe or a tooth so broken down, that you may decide you want the tooth removed.
where possible we can arrange for immediate same day extraction of teeth, even difficult wisdom teeth extractions.Our dentists have the skills and experience in performing complex surgical extractions.

Aligners :-
Aligners are thin clear flexible plastic ‘mouthguards’ which fit closely over the teeth. A series of these appliances is used to obtain incremental changes to correct the teeth according to a treatment plan developed by the orthodontist. Aligners are commonly known by their trade names such as Clearpath".

Metal Free Crowns:-
As with crowns, you have a choice of materials for bridges.You have them in either metal, metal in overlaid ceramic (porcelain fused to metal) or the latest metal free (all ceramic) crowns.
In metal free ceramic crowns, the metallic look and the black lines disappear.They are not only highly aesthetic but also offer high strength restorations to dental industry. Types of metal free available at our centre.

Paediatric Dentistry:-
Besides specializing in implants and cosmetic dentistry, Xpertz Dental Solutions also specialize in paediatric (children's) dentistry! We talk about that transition from a toothless grin to the first set of pearlies in your toddlers mouth!!!the doubts and the apprehensions the treatments and counselling offered.Here at Xpertz Dental Solutions, the paediatric dentist makes sure that the first visit is fun and not something to be worried about.