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Sarika jain-
“ i remember going to the clinic in severe pain, but as soon as Dr Sahil started the treatment i was relaxed and confortable. I have since been regularly visiting him and i consider him to be a good doctor” .

Anushri dutta-
“ My treatment was comfortably done and with quick and short appointments. I have not had any problems since than. Thank you” .

Apeksha Sharma
“ I had my braces fixed at Dr Sahil’s clinic and I am very happy with results. The treatment was handled very well and i didn’t suffer much trouble. I am highly impressed and grateful for the same. Thank you. ”

Isha Singh-
“ Dr Sahil has done my root canal treatment and i am very happy with it. I shall definitely visit again. Thank you. ”

Balwan Singh-
“ i am undergoing an implant treatment at Dr Sahil’s clinic and am very happy with the procedure so far. It is comfortable and Dr Sahil is a great doctor.”

Gunjan Garg-
“ I regularly visit the clinic for routine check ups and treatments. I have been associated with Dr Sahil’s clinic for over 2 yrs now and am very happy and content with the services, thank you."

Akhil Gera-
“I went to Dr Sahil as i was having a lot of sensitivity and was not happy with the way my teeth looked, he gave me tooth colored fillings for my front teeth which took care of both my problems and much happier with my teeth now,thank you i shall definitely visit again.”

Meksha Singh-
“I am highly impressed with my treatment and i regularly visit the clinic thereafter,thank you.”

Girish Mahich-
“My daughter had four of her teeth extracted as required for the braces and i am very happy with the end result and the treatment was completely painless and easily done. Thank you Dr Sahil.”