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   XDS pioneers in providing the best dental health care and alongwith that it also works towards bringing dental awareness in the masses and thus keeping this mind we offer various DENTAL HEALTH PROGRAMS according to the need and nature of recepients. For the children and teenagers we have

1. Dental awareness camps for both students and teachers.
2. Dental check Ups.
3. Audio visual aids to provide dental education.
Aiming to improve oral hygiene and in turn improve the overall health.

1. Dental health check up
2. Audio visual aids.
3. Special awareness and treatment plan according to the oral health and dietary habits.
4. Stress and dentistry
Stress can lead to poor lifestyle choices that can adversely affect oral health. In The World Oral Health Report published by WHO it is stated that 'The rapidly changing (oral) disease patterns throughout the world are closely linked to changing lifestyles which include diets rich in sugars,widespread use of tobacco and increased consumption of alcohol.'

Characterized by the grinding and clenching of teeth. The condition has been linked to work stress.(journal of community Dentistry and Epidemology) and personality type (Journal of Behavioral Medicine). In the personality study,it was found that people who were shy,apprehensive and easily worried, tended towards bruxism. When combined with erosion( the effects of acids on teeth from diet or other sources),bruxism can have devastating effects on teeth and may require extensive corrective treatment.

The potential fall out from stress and anxiety that can affect our oral health includes.
- mouth sores,including canker sores and cold sores.
- poor oral hygiene and unhealthy eating routines.
- periodontal (gum) disease or worsening of periodontal disease.
- bruxism
- dry mouth
- burning mouth syndrome
- lichen plans - cancer
Another way that stress can lead to dental problem simply not taking care of your teeth because of stress,sadness or depression. It gets hard to take care of everyday things when one is stressed out, and you may stop seeing your dentist for your regular checkups. Anti-depressant drugs lead to dry mouth.

We undertake various Dental awareness camps and Dental Checkups with various NGO's for the needy and underpriveleged.